At our retail outlets, you’ll find a dedicated professional team ready to assist you to choose from our broad range of products and prepare cuts to your specific needs. Our Butchers not only are precise masters of meat cutting but also specialise in preparing a unique collection of marinated mixes explicitly made to add a special touch to your home made meals.

And for all you barbecue lovers! We feature special barbecue packages, delivered straight to your back yard sizzling grills or even to a selected list of parks.
Lamb CubeLamb Shoulder
Lamb TikkaLamb Curry Cut
Lamb FatLamb Neck
Lamb LegLamb Chops
Lamb LiverLamb Kafta
Lamb MinceLahem bel Ajeen
Lamb ShankArayes
Lamb WholeKibbeh Nayyeh
Beef CubeBeef Kofta
Beef BurgerBeef Escalope
Beef MinceBeef Steak
Beef RostoBeef Fillet
Beef ShawarmaKibbeh bel Seneyeh
Chicken WholeChicken Leg
Chicken BreastChicken Liver
Chicken WingsChicken Burger
Beef/Lamb/Chicken KaftaChicken Escalope
Beef/Lamb/Chicken ShawarmaChicken Sausages
Beef/Chicken BurgerMakanek (Sausages)
Chicken TawoukSoujouk (Sausages)
The above mentioned are our general list of items. To check for availability of other items or to place an order please call us on 04-297 7975.